We are an organization established for over 20 years dealing with transportation and shipping of small and large size.

Our company is part of a network of companies located in a widespread throughout the Italy and abroad.

We can ship your goods in Italy or abroad in a very short time, we carry out the service of shipping luggage or packages for customers who decide to buy their souvenirs and who decide not to take care to get them to hand at customs, this service is very used by tourists who prefer to travel with hand luggage only!

Courier and luggage shipment


LT Group also is express courier. We pick up and deliver mail, folders, packages of every size and weight, pallets, containers.

Rely on those who work in this field for decades, choose the reliability and accuracy of LT!

Luggage Shipping

We deal with shipping and baggage claim.

We can ship your luggage around the world at excellent rates.